1 – Climate change is cyclical. Global warming is nothing more then earth’s way & current rhythm and will likely be followed by an ice age.

2 – Global warming is s natural event and therefore out of our hands.

3 – The government doesn’t have the right ti regulate energy production.

4 – Curtailing energy production hurts jobs & the economy, creating hardship for individuals, families, and communities that depend on traditional energy production for their livelihood.

5 – Alternative and renewable energy costs more money to produce and will slow the economy, creating hardship for poor and middle class families.

6 – We have untapped energy that can propel us well into the future.

7 – It isn’t fair that first world countries enjoyed tremendous growth on fossil fuels and are now asking third world counties to scale back the use of the same fossil fuels that are now powering third world growth.

8 – Global warming is a hoax, we can’t afford this, it will cost jobs and economic growth.

9 – God will save us…

Counter Point:

1 – While the earth’s climate has gone through natural, cyclical climate change, most scientists believe this is man made unnatural change due to greenhouse gasses.

2 – Global warming is an unnatural event due to the use of hydrocarbons for energy, and will take a rebalance back to the use of natural energy sources, such as wind, solar, and clean fuels.

3 – The government has a responsibility to regulate type and amount of energy production as part of public health, sustainability, and national security.

4 – Energy workers can be retrained to work in renewable energy.

5 – Renewable energy when scaled up can employ workers that were in nonrenewable.

6 – While true, even this will eventually run out. It’s our duty to scale up renewable/alternative energy sources for use by future generations. We should also establish a world strategic reserve of tapped/untapped traditional energy sources in tandem with replacing them, using traditional energy exclusively to produce renewable energy, while weaning ourselves off fossil fuels.

7 – First and third world countries can work together to ensure that clean energy is available to all countries and that people, economies have equal access to energy for growth.

8 – If we’re wrong we have future sustainable energy. If your wrong it will cost us our lives!

9 – God helps those that help themselves.