1 – The second amendment protects the right of citizens to bare arms.

2 – Gun control laws do not decrease gun violence.

3 – More gun control laws aren’t needed, enforcement of existing laws are.

4 – Passing more gun laws doesn’t address other issues related to gun violence.

5 – We need less gun control laws so citizen’s can protect themselves. More citizens armed is a deterrent against gun violence.

6 – Criminals can still obtain guns regardless of gun control laws.

7 – Mexico has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world along with some of the highest rates of gun violence.

8 – Illinois has some of the most strict gun control laws, and yet Chicago has some of the highest acts of gun related violence.

9 – The second amendment and the right to bare arms protects the people against the tyranny of government foreign or domestic.

Counter Point:

1 – Enact gun control laws which protect law abiding citizen’s access to and right to bare arms, while decreasing access for criminals and the mentally impaired.

2 – Studies show that states with tougher gun control laws have fewer gun related deaths along with lower rates of homicide and suicide.

3 – The question isn’t necessarily having more gun control laws as it is having better gun control laws.

4 – More and or better gun control laws may not address all issues and contributing factors related to gun violence, but they address some of the most important contributing factors.

5 – More citizens armed as a deterrent against gun violence is a separate question from more or better gun laws, provided that those laws don’t infringe on the right of law abiding citizens to bare arms.

6 – While it’s true, gun control laws won’t prevent everyone that shouldn’t process a firearm from obtaining one, gun control laws do prevent more people that shouldn’t have firearms from getting them, while at the same time placing barriers of time and access in the way of people that shouldn’t have firearms. A law stipulating universal background checks for the purchase of any firearm for any individual, irrespective of circumstance would present a barrier in time and access for individuals that shouldn’t possess firearms.

7 – While it’s true, Mexico has tough gun control laws, it’s also true the drug war accounts for a large amount of Mexico’s gun violence.

8 – Like Mexico, many of Chicago’s gun related acts of violence are related to the drug war.

9 – Gun control laws needn’t infringe on the second amendment’s intent to enable citizens to preserve their freedom, as laws can focus on limiting individuals such as criminals or the mentally impaired from obtaining firearms.