H. R. 2380

To require criminal background checks on all firearms transactions occurring at gun shows.

May 15, 2015

Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York (for herself, Mr. Pocan, Mr. Lipinski, Ms. Norton, Mr. Nadler, Ms. Frankel of Florida, Mr. Van Hollen, Ms.McCollum, Mr. Grijalva, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Blumenauer, Ms. Lofgren, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Esty, Mr. Engel, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Langevin, Mr.Farr, Mr. Conyers, Mrs. Capps, Ms. Clark of Massachusetts, Mr. Takano, Ms. DeLauro, Mr. Hastings, Miss Rice of New York, and Mr. Rangel) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


To require criminal background checks on all firearms transactions occurring at gun shows.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2015”.


(a) Findings.—The Congress finds that—

(1) approximately 5,200 traditional gun shows are held annually across the United States, attracting thousands of attendees per show and hundreds of Federal firearms licensees and unlicensed firearms sellers; and

(2) gun shows at which firearms are exhibited or offered for sale or exchange provide a convenient and centralized commercial location where criminals and other prohibited persons obtain firearms without background checks and without records that enable firearm tracing.

(b) Definitions.—Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

“(36) Gun Show.—The term ‘gun show’—

“(A) means any event at which 50 or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, exchange, or transfer, if 1 or more of the firearms has been shipped or transported in, or otherwise affects, interstate or foreign commerce;

“(B) does not include an offer or exhibit of firearms for sale, exchange, or transfer by an individual from the personal collection of that individual, at the private residence of that individual, if the individual is not required to be licensed under section 923; and

“(C) does not include an offer or exhibit of firearms for sale, exchange, or transfer at events—

“(i) where not more than 100 firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, exchange or transfer;

“(ii) that are conducted by private, not-for-profit organizations whose primary purpose is owning and maintaining real property for the purpose of hunting activities; and

“(iii) that are attended only by permanent or annual dues-paying members of the organizations, and the members of the immediate families of the dues-paying members.

“(37) Gun Show Vendor.—The term ‘gun show vendor’ means a person who is not licensed under section 923 and who exhibits, sells, offers for sale, transfers, or exchanges a firearm at a gun show, regardless of whether or not the person arranges with the gun show operator for a fixed location from which to exhibit, sell, offer for sale, transfer, or exchange the firearm.”.

(c) Regulation Of Firearms Transfers At Gun Shows.—

(1) IN GENERAL.—Chapter 44 of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

§ 932. Regulation of firearms transfers at gun shows

“(a) Registration Of Gun Show Operators.—It shall be unlawful for a person to operate a gun show, unless—

“(1) the person has attained 21 years of age;

“(2) the person (and, if the person is a corporation, partnership, or association, each individual possessing, directly or indirectly, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of the corporation, partnership, or association) is not prohibited by subsection (g) or (n) of section 922 from transporting, shipping, or receiving firearms or ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce;

“(3) the person has not willfully violated any provision of this chapter or regulation issued under this chapter;

“(4) the person has registered with the Attorney General as a gun show operator, in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Attorney General, and as part of the registration—

“(A) has provided the Attorney General with a photograph and the fingerprints of the person; and

“(B) has certified that the person meets the requirements of subparagraphs (A) through (D) of section 923(d)(1);

“(5) the person has not willfully failed to disclose any material information required, and has not made any false statement as to any material fact, in connection with the registration; and

“(6) the person has paid the Attorney General a fee for the registration, in an amount determined by the Attorney General.

“(b) Responsibilities Of Gun Show Operators.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—It shall be unlawful for a person to operate a gun show, unless the person—

“(A) not later than 30 days before the commencement of the gun show, notifies the Attorney General, in writing, of the date, time, duration, and location of the gun show, and the identity of each person who will be a gun show vendor at the gun show;

“(B) before commencement of the gun show—

“(i) verifies the identity of each individual who will be a gun show vendor at the gun show by examining a valid identification document (as defined in section 1028(d)(3)) of the individual containing a photograph of the individual; and

“(ii) requires each such individual to sign—

“(I) a ledger, and enter into the ledger identifying information concerning the individual; and

“(II) a notice which sets forth the obligations of a gun show vendor under this chapter; and

“(C) notifies each person who attends the gun show of the requirements of this chapter, in accordance with such regulations as the Attorney General shall prescribe.

“(2) RECORDKEEPING.—A person who operates, or has operated, a gun show shall maintain records demonstrating compliance with paragraph (1)(B), at such place, for such period of time, and in such form as the Attorney General shall require by regulation, or transmit the records to the Attorney General.

“(c) Background Check Required Before Transfer Of Firearm Between Unlicensed Persons.—It shall be unlawful for a person who is not licensed under this chapter to transfer possession of, or title to, a firearm at, or on the curtilage of, a gun show, to another person who is not so licensed, or for a person who is not so licensed to receive possession of, or title to, a firearm at, or on the curtilage of, a gun show from another person who is not so licensed, unless a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer—

“(1) has entered into a separate bound record the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, and such other information about the transaction as the Attorney General may require by regulation; and

“(2) has notified the prospective transferor and prospective transferee of the firearm that the national instant criminal background check system established under section 103 of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act has provided the licensee with a unique identification number, indicating that receipt of the firearm by the prospective transferee would not violate section 922 of this title or State law.

“(d) Recordkeeping Requirements.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—A licensee who provides a notice pursuant to subsection (c)(2) with respect to the transfer of a firearm shall—

“(A) not later than 10 days after the date of the transfer, submit to the Attorney General a report of the transfer, which report shall specify the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, and contain such other information and be on such form, as the Attorney General shall require by regulation, except that the report shall not include the name of or other identifying information relating to any person involved in the transfer who is not licensed under this chapter; and

“(B) retain a record of the transfer, including the same information as would be required if the transfer were from the inventory of the licensee, as part of the permanent business records of the licensee.

“(2) LIMITATION.—The Attorney General may not impose any recordkeeping requirement on any gun show vendor by reason of this section.”.

(2) PENALTIES.—Section 924(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

“(8) (A) Whoever knowingly violates subsection (a) or (d) of section 932 shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

“(B) Whoever knowingly violates subsection (b) or (c) of section 932, shall be—

“(i) fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both; and

“(ii) in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

“(C) In addition to any other penalties imposed under this paragraph, the Attorney General may, with respect to any person who knowingly violates any provision of section 932—

“(i) if the person is registered pursuant to section 932(a), after notice and opportunity for a hearing, suspend for not more than 6 months or revoke the registration of that person under section 932(a); and

“(ii) impose a civil fine in an amount equal to not more than $10,000.”.

(3) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.—The table of contents for such chapter is amended by adding at the end the following:

“Sec. 932. Regulation of firearms transfers at gun shows.”.

(d) Inspection Authority.—Section 923(g)(1) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

“(E) Notwithstanding subparagraph (B) of this paragraph, the Attorney General may enter during business hours any place where a gun show operator operates a gun show or is required to maintain records pursuant to section 932(b)(2), for purposes of examining the records required by sections 923 and 932 and the inventory of licensees conducting business at the gun show. The entry and examination shall be conducted for the purposes of determining compliance with this chapter by gun show operators and licensees conducting business at the gun show, and shall not require a showing of reasonable cause or a warrant.”.

(e) Reports Of Multiple Sales Assisted By Licensees At Gun Shows.—Section 923(g)(3)(A) of such title is amended by inserting “or provides pursuant to section 932(c)(2) notice with respect to,” after “sells or otherwise disposes of,”.

(f) Increased Penalties For Serious Recordkeeping Violations By Licensees.—Section 924(a)(3) of such title is amended to read as follows:

“(3) (A) Except as provided in subparagraph (B), any licensed dealer, licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed collector who knowingly makes any false statement or representation with respect to the information required by this chapter to be kept in the records of a person licensed under this chapter, or violates section 922(m), shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both.

“(B) If the violation described in subparagraph (A) is in relation to an offense—

“(i) under paragraph (1) or (3) of section 922(b), such person shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both; or

“(ii) under subsection (a)(6) or (d) of section 922, such person shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.”.

(g) Increased Penalties For Violations Of Criminal Background Check Requirements.—

(1) PENALTIES.—Section 924(a)(5) of such title is amended—

(A) by striking “subsection (s) or (t) of section 922” and inserting “section 922(t)”; and

(B) by striking “1” and inserting “5”.

(2) ELIMINATION OF CERTAIN ELEMENTS OF OFFENSE.—Section 922(t)(5) of such title is amended by striking “and, at the time” and all that follows through “State law”.

(h) Authority To Hire Personnel To Inspect Gun Shows.—The Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives may hire at least 40 additional Industry Operations Investigators for the purpose of carrying out inspections of gun shows (as defined in section 921(a)(36) of title 18, United States Code).

(i) Report To The Congress.—The Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives shall submit biennial reports to the Congress on how firearms (as defined in section 921(a)(3) of title 18, United States Code) are sold at gun shows (as defined in paragraph (36) of such section), how this section is being carried out, whether firearms are being sold without background checks conducted by the national instant criminal background check system established under section 103 of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, what resources are needed to carry out this section, and any recommendations for improvements to ensure that firearms are not sold without the background checks.

(j) Effective Date.—This section and the amendments made by this section shall take effect 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act.


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Email: Rep.Buchanan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @VernBuchanan

Rep. Tom Rooney
Phone: 202-225-5792
Email: Rep.Rooney@opencongress.org
Twitter: @TomRooney

Rep. Patrick Murphy
Phone: 202-225-3026
Email: Rep.Patrickmurphy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMurphyFL

Rep. Curt Clawson
Phone: 202-225-2536
Email: Rep.Clawson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCurtClawson

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings
Phone: 202-225-1313
Email: Rep.Alceehastings@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHastingsFL

Rep. Ted Deutch
Phone: 202-225-3001
Email: Rep.Teddeutch@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTedDeutch

Rep. Lois Frankel
Phone: 202-225-9890
Email: Rep.Frankel@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLoisFrankel

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Phone: 202-225-7931
Email: Rep.Wassermanschultz@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDWStweets

Rep. Frederica Wilson
Phone: 202-225-4506
Email: Rep.Wilson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepWilson

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart
Phone: 202-225-4211
Email: Rep.Mariodiazbalart@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MarioDB

Rep. Carlos Curbelo
Phone: 202-225-2778
Email: Rep.Curbelo@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCurbelo

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Phone: 202-225-3931
Email: Rep.Ros-lehtinen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RosLehtinen


Sen. Johnny Isakson
Phone: 202-224-3643
Email: sen.Isakson@opencongress.org

Twitter: @SenatorIsakson

Sen. David Perdue
Phone: 202-224-3521
Email: Sen.Perdue@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenDavidPerdue

Rep. Buddy Carter
Phone: 202-225-5831
Email: Rep.Buddycarter@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBuddyCarter

Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr.
Phone: 202-225-3631 Email: Rep.Bishop@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SandfordBishop

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland
Phone: 202-225-5901
Email: Rep.Westmoreland@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepWestmoreland

Rep. Hank Johnson
Phone: 202-225-1605
Email: Rep.HankJohnson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHankJohnson

Rep. John Lewis
Phone: 202-225-3801
Email: Rep.JohnLewis@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnLewis

Rep. Tom Price
Phone: 202-225-4501
Email: Rep.TomPrice@opencongress.com
Twitter: @RepTomPrice

Rep. Robert Woodall
Phone: 202-225-4272
Email: Rep.Woodall@opencongress.com
Twitter: @RepRobWoodall

Rep. Austin Scott
Phone: 202-225-6531
Email: Rep.AustinScott@opencongress.org
Twitter: @AustinScottGA08

Rep. Doug Collins
Phone: 202-225-9893
Email: Rep.DougCollins@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDougCollins

Rep. Jody Hice
Phone: 202-225-4101
Email: Rep.Hice@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CongressmanHice

Rep. Barry Loudermilk
Phone: 202-225-2931
Email: Rep.Loudermilk@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLoudermilk

Rep. Rick Allen
Phone: 202-225-2823
Email: Rep.Allen@opencongross.org
Twitter: @RepRickAllen

Rep. David Scott
Phone: 202-225-2939
Email: Rep.Allen@opencongross.org
Twitter: @RepDavidScott

Rep. Tom Graves
Phone: 202-225-5211
Email: Rep.TomGraves@opencongross.org
Twitter: @RepTomGraves


Sen. Mazie K. Hirono
Phone: 202-224-6361
Email: Sen.Hirono@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MasieHirono

Sen. Brian Schatz
Phone: 202-224-3934
Email: Sen.Schatz@opencongress.org

Twitter: @SenBrianSchatz

Rep. Mark Takai
Phone: 202-225-2726
Email: Rep.Takai@opencongress.org

Twitter: @RepMarkTakai

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Phone: 202-225-4906
Email: Rep.Gabbard@opencongress.org

Twitter: @TulsiPress


Sen. Mike Crapo
Phone: 202-224-6142
Email: Sen.Crapo@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MikeCrapo

Sen. James Risch
Phone: 202-224-2752
Email: Sen.Risch@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorRisch

Rep. Raul R. Labrador
Phone: 202-225-6611
Email: Sen.Grassley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Raul_Labrador

Rep. Mike Simpson
Phone: 202-225-5531
Email: Sen.Grassley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CongMikeSimpson


Sen. Richard Durbin
Phone: 202-224-2152
Email: Sen.Durbin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorDurbin

Sen. Mark Kirk
Phone: 202-224-2854
Email: Sen.Kirk@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorKirk

Rep. Bobby Rush
Phone: 202-225-4372
Email: Rep.Rush@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBobbyRush

Rep. Robin Kelly
Phone: 202-225-0773
Email: Rep.Robinkelly@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRobinKelly

Rep. Daniel Lipinski
Phone: 202-225-5701
Email: Rep.Lipinski@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLipinski

Luis Gutiérrez
Phone: 202-225-8203
Email: Rep.Gutierrez@opencongress.org
Twitter: @LuisGutierrez

Rep. Mike Quigley
Phone: 202-225-4061
Email: Rep.Quigley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMikeQuigley

Rep. Peter Roskam
Phone: 202-225-4561
Email: Rep.Roskam@opencongress.org
Twitter: @PeterRoskam

Rep. Danny Davis
Phone: 202-225-5006
Email: Rep.Rodneydavis@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RodneyDavis

Rep. Tammy Duckworth
Phone: 202-225-3711
Email: Rep.Duckworth@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDuckworth

Rep. Jan Schakowsky
Phone: 202-225-2111
Email: Rep.Schakowsky@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JanSchakowsky

Rep. Bob Dold
Phone: 202-225-4835
Email: Rep.Dold@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDold

Rep. Bill Foster
Phone: 202-225-3515
Email: Rep.Foster@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBillFoster

Rep. Mike Bost
Phone: 202-225-5661
Email: Rep.Bost@opencongress.org

Rep. Rodney Davis
Phone: 202-225-2371
Email: Rep.Rodneydavis@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RodneyDavis

Rep. Randy Hultgren
Phone: 202-225-2976
Email: Rep.Hultgren@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHultgren

Rep. John Shimkus
Phone: 202-225-5271
Email: Rep.Shimkus@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepShimkus

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Phone: 202-225-3635
Email: Rep.Kinzinger@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKinzinger

Rep. Cheri Bustos
Phone: 202-225-5905
Email: Rep.Bustos@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCheri

Rep. Darin LaHood
Phone: 202-225-6201
Email: Rep.Lahood@opencongress.org
Twitter: @lahooddarin


Sen. Daniel Coats
Phone: 202-224-5623
Email: Sen.Coats@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenDanCoats

Sen. Joe Donnelly
Phone: 202-224-4814
Email: Sen.Donnelly@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenDonnelly

Rep. Luke Messer
Phone: 202-225-3021
Email: Rep.Messer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLukeMesser

Rep. Susan Brooks
Phone: 202-225-2276
Email: Rep.SusanWBrooks@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SusanWBrooks

Rep. Jackie Walorski
Phone: 202-225-3915
Email: Rep.Walorski@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepWalorski

Rep. Todd Young
Phone: 202-225-35315
Email: Rep.ToddYoung@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepToddYoung

Rep. Peter Visclosky
Phone: 202-225-2461
Email: Rep.Visclosky@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepVisclosky

Rep. Marlin Stutzman
Phone: 202-225-4436
Email: Rep.Stutzman@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepStutzman

Rep. Todd Rokita
Phone: 202-225-5037
Email: Rep.Rokita@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ToddRokita

Rep. André Carson
Phone: 202-225-4011
Email: Rep.Carson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAndreCarson

Rep. Larry Bucshon
Phone: 202-225-4636
Email: Rep.Bucshon@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLarryBucshon


Sen. Joni Ernst
Phone: 202-224-3254
Email: Sen.Ernst@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Joniernst

Sen. Chuck Grassley
Phone: 202-224-3744
Email: Sen.Grassley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ChuckGrassley

Rep. Steve King
Phone: 202-225-4426
Email: Rep.SteveKing@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SteveKingIA

Rep. David Young
Phone: 202-225-5476
Email: Rep.DavidYoung@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDavidYoung

Rep. Rod Blum
Phone: 202-225-2911
Email: Rep.Blum@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRodBlum

Rep. David Loebsack
Phone: 202-225-6576
Email: Rep.Loebsack@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DaveLoebsack


Sen. Jerry Moran
Phone: 202-224-4818
Email: Sen.Moran@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JerryMoran

Sen. Pat Roberts
Phone: 202-224-4774
Email: Sen.Roberts@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenPatRoberts

Rep. Kevin Yoder
Phone: 202-225-2865
Email: Rep.Yoder@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKevinYoder

Rep. Mike Pompeo
Phone: 202-225-6212
Email: Rep.Pompeo@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMikePompeo

Rep. Lynn Jenkins
Phone: 202-225-6601
Email: Rep.LynnJenkins@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLynnJenkins

Rep. Tim Huelskamp
Phone: 202-225-2715
Email: Rep.Huelskamp@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CongHuelskamp


Sen. Mitch McConnell
Phone: 202-224-2541 Email: Sen.McConnell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @McConnellPress

Sen. Rand Paul
Phone: 202-224-4343 Email: Sen.Paul@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RandPaul

Rep. Andy Barr
Phone: 202-225-4706
Email: Rep.Barr@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAndyBarr

Rep. Thomas Massie
Phone: 202-225-3465
Email: Rep.Massie@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepThomasMassie

Rep. John Yarmuth
Phone: 202-225-5401
Email: Rep.Yarmuth@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnYarmuth

Rep. Ed Whitfield
Phone: 202-225-3115
Email: Rep.Whitfield@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepEdWhitfield

Rep. Harold Rogers
Phone: 202-225-44601
Email: Rep.HalRogers@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHalRogers

Rep. Brett Guthrie
Phone: 202-225-3501
Email: Rep.Guthrie@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGuthrie


Sen. Bill Cassidy
Phone: 202-224-5824
Email: Sen.Cassidy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @BillCassidy

Sen. David Vitter
Phone: 202-224-4623
Email: Sen.Vitter@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DavidVitter

Rep. Garret Graves
Phone: 202-225-3901
Email: Rep.GarretGraves@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGarretGraves

Rep. Ralph Abraham
Phone: 202-225-8490
Email: Rep.Abraham@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAbraham

Rep. Steve Scalise
Phone: 202-225-3015
Email: Rep.Scalise@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SteveScalise

Rep. Cedric Richmond
Phone: 202-225-6636
Email: Rep.Richmond@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRichmond

Rep. John Fleming
Phone: 202-225-27777
Email: Rep.Fleming@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFleming

Rep. Charles Boustany
Phone: 202-225-2031
Email: Rep.Boustany@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBoustany


Sen. Angus King
Phone: 202-224-5344
Email: Sen.King@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenAngusKing

Sen. Susan Collins
Phone: 202-224-2523
Email: Sen.Collins@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorCollins

Rep. Bruce Poliquin
Phone: 202-225-6306
Email: Rep.Poliquin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPoliquin

Rep. Chellie Pingree
Phone: 202-225-6116
Email: Rep.Pingree@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ChelliePingree


Sen. Barbara Mikulski
Phone: 202-224-4654
Email: Sen.Mikulski@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorBarb

Sen. Benjamin Cardin
Phone: 202-224-4524
Email: Sen.Cardin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorCardin

Rep. John Delaney
Phone: 202-225-2721
Email: Rep.Delaney@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnDelaney

Rep. Chris Van Hollen
Phone: 202-225-5341
Email: Rep.VanHollen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ChrisVanHollen

Rep. John Sarbanes
Phone: 202-225-4016
Email: Rep.Sarbanes@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSarbanes

Rep. Andy Harris
Phone: 202-225-5311
Email: Rep. Harris@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAndyHarrisMD

Rep. Steny Hoyer
Phone: 202-225-34131
Email: Rep. Hoyer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @WhipHoyer

Rep. Donna Edwards
Phone: 202-225-8699
Email: Rep.DonnaEdwards@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDonnaEdwards

Rep. Elijah Cummings
Phone: 202-225-4741
Email: Rep.Cummings@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCummings

Rep. C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger
Phone: 202-225-3061
Email: Rep. Ruppersberger@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Call_Me_Dutch


Sen. Edward J. Markey
Phone: 202-224-2742
Email: Sen.Markey@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MarkeyMemo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Phone: 202-224-4543
Email: Sen.Warren@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenWarren

Rep. Richard E. Neal
Phone: 202-225-5601
Email: Rep.Neal@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRichardNeal

Rep. James McGovern
Phone: 202-225-6101
Email: Rep.Mcgovern@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMcGovern

Rep. Niki Tsongas
Phone: 202-225-3411
Email: Rep.Tsongas@opencongress.org
Twitter: @NikiInTheHouse

Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III
Phone: 202-225-5931
Email: Rep.Kennedy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoeKennedy

Rep. Katherine Clark
Phone: 202-225-2836
Email: Rep.Katherineclark@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKClark

Rep. Seth Moulton
Phone: 202-225-8020
Email: Rep.Moulton@opencongress.org
Twitter: @teammoulton

Rep. Michael E. Capuano
Phone: 202-225-5111
Email: Rep.Capuano@opencongress.org
Rep. Stephen F. Lynch
Phone: 202-225-8273
Email: Rep.Lynch@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepStephenLynch

Rep. William Keating
Phone: 202-225-3111
Email: Rep.Keating@opencongress.org
Twitter: @USRepKeating


Sen. Gary Peters
Phone: 202-224-6221
Email: Sen.Peters@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenGaryPeters

Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Phone: 202-224-4822
Email: Sen.Stabenow@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenStabenow

Rep. Brenda Lawrence
Phone: 202-225-5802
Email: Rep.Lawrence@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLawrence

Rep. Debbie Dingell
Phone: 202-225-3611
Email: Rep.DebbieDingell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDebDingell

Rep. Dave Trott
Phone: 202-225-8171
Email: Rep.Trott@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDaveTrott

Rep. Mike Bishop
Phone: 202-225-4872
Email: Rep.MikeBishop@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMikeBishop

Rep. John Moolenaar
Phone: 202-225-3561
Email: Rep.Moolenaar@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMoolenaar

Rep. Daniel Kildee
Phone: 202-225-4071
Email: Rep.DanKildee@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDanKildee

Rep. Tim Walberg
Phone: 202-225-6276
Email: Rep.Walberg@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepWalberg

Rep. Candice Miller
Phone: 202-225-2106
Email: Rep.CandiceMiller@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CandiceMiller

Rep. Fred Upton
Phone: 202-225-3761
Email: Rep.Upton@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFredUpton

Rep. Sander Levin
Phone: 202-225-4961
Email: Rep.Levin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSandyLevin

Rep. Bill Huizenga
Phone: 202-225-4401
Email: Rep.Huizenga@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHuizenga

Rep. John Conyers
Phone: 202-225-5126
Email: Rep.Conyers@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnConyers

Rep. Dan Benishek
Phone: 202-225-4735
Email: Rep.Benishek@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CongressmanDan

Rep. Justin Amash
Phone: 202-225-3831
Email: Rep.Amash@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JustinAmash


Sen. Al Franken
Phone: 202-224-5641
Email: Sen.Franken@opencongress.org
Twitter: @alfranken

Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Phone: 202-224-3244
Twitter: “@amyklobuchar”

Rep. Timothy J. Walz
Phone: 202-225-2472
Email: Rep.Walz@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTimWalz

Rep. John Kline
Phone: 202-225-2271
Email: Rep.Kline@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@repjohnkline”

Rep. Erik Paulsen
Phone: 202-225-2871
Email: Rep.Paulsen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepErikPaulsen

Rep. Betty McCollum
Phone: 202-225-6631
Email: Rep.Mccollum@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@BettyMcCollum04″

Rep. Keith Ellison
Phone: 202-225-4755
Email: Rep.Ellison@opencongress.org
Twitter: @keithellison

Tom Emmer
Phone: 202-225-2331
Email: Rep.Emmer@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@tomemmer”

Rep. Collin C. Peterson
Phone: 202-225-2165
Email: Rep.Collinpeterson@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@collinpeterson”

Rep. Rick Nolan
Phone: 202-225-6211
Email: Rep.Nolan@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@USRepRickNolan”


Sen. Thad Cochran
Phone: 202-224-5054
Email: Sen.Cochran@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@SenThadCochran”

Sen. Roger F. Wicker
Phone: 202-224-6253
Email: Sen.Wicker@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@SenatorWicker”

Rep. Trent Kelly
Phone: 202-225-4306
Email: Rep.Trentkelly@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@KellyforMS01″

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson
Phone: 202-225-5876
Email: Rep.Benniethompson@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@HomelandDems”

Rep. Gregg Harper
Phone: 202-225-5031
Email: Rep.Harper@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@GreggHarper”

Rep. Steven Palazzo
Phone: 202-225-5772
Email: Rep.Palazzo@opencongress.org
Twitter: “@CongPalazzo”


Sen. Roy Blunt
Phone: 202-224-5721
Email: Sen.Blunt@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RoyBlunt

Sen. Claire McCaskill
Phone: 202-224-6154
Email: Sen.Mccaskill@opencongress.org
Twitter: @clairecmc

Rep. William “Lacy” Clay Jr.
Phone: 202-225-2406
Email: Rep.Lacyclay@opencongress.org
Twitter: @LacyClayMO1

Rep. Ann Wagner
Phone: 202-225-1621
Email: Rep.Wagner@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAnnWagner

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer
Phone: 202-225-2956
Email: Rep.Luetkemeyer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBlainePress

Rep. Vicky Hartzler
Phone: 202-225-2876
Email: Rep.Hartzler@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHartzler

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver
Phone: 202-225-4535
Email: Rep.Cleaver@opencongress.org
Twitter: @repcleaver

Rep. Sam Graves
Phone: 202-225-7041
Email: Rep.Graves@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSamGraves

Rep. Billy Long
Phone: 202-225-6536
Email: Rep.Long@opencongress.org
Twitter: @USRepLong

Rep. Jason Smith
Phone: 202-225-4404
Email: Rep.Jasonsmith@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJasonSmith


Sen. Steve Daines
Phone: 202-224-2651
Email: Sen.Daines@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SteveDaines

Sen. Jon Tester
Phone: 202-224-2644
Email: Sen.Tester@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorTester

Rep. Ryan Zinke
Phone: 202-225-3211
Email: Rep.Zinke@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRyanZinke


Sen. Deb Fischer
Phone: 202-224-6551
Email: Sen.Fischer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorFischer

Sen. Ben Sasse
Phone: 202-224-4224
Email: Sen.Sasse@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenSasse

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
Phone: 202-225-4806
Email: Rep.Fortenberry@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JeffFortenberry

Rep. Brad Ashford
Phone: 202-225-4155
Email: Rep.Ashford@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBradAshford

Rep. Adrian Smith
Phone: 202-225-6435
Email: Rep.Adriansmith@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAdrianSmith


Sen. Dean Heller
Phone: 202-224-6244
Email: Sen.Heller@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenDeanHeller

Sen. Harry ReidPhone: 202-224-3542
Email: Sen.Reid@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ SenatorReid

Rep. Dina Titus
Phone: 202-225-5965
Email: Rep.Titus@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ RepDinaTitus

Rep. Mark Amodei
Phone: 202-225-6155
Email: Rep.Amodei@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MarkAmodeiNV2

Rep. Joe Heck
Phone: 202-225-3252
Email: Rep.Heck@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoeHeck

Rep. Cresent Hardy
Phone: 202-225-9894
Email: Rep.Hardy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHardy


Sen. Kelly Ayotte
Phone: 202-224-3324
Email: Sen.Ayotte@opencongress.org
Twitter: @KellyAyotte

Sen. Jeanne ShaheenPhone: 202-224-2841
Email: Sen.Shaheen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorShaheen

Rep. Frank Guinta
Phone: 202-225-5456
Email: Rep.Guinta@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFrankGuinta

Rep. Ann Kuster
Phone: 202-225-5206
Email: Rep.Kuster@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAnnieKuster


Sen. Robert Menendez
Phone: 202-224-4744
Twitter: @SenatorMenendez

Sen. Cory Booker
Phone: 202-224-3224
Email: Sen.Booker@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenBookerOfc

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
Phone: 202-225-5801
Email: Rep.Watsoncoleman@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ RepBWColeman

Rep. Tom MacArthur
Phone: 202-225-4765
Email: Rep.Macarthur@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTomMacArthur

Rep. Donald Norcross
Phone: 202-225-6501
Email: Rep.Norcross@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DonaldNorcross

Rep. Donald Payne
Phone: 202-225-3436
Email: Rep.Payne@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDonaldPayne

Rep. Christopher Smith
Phone: 202-225-3765
Email: Rep.Chrissmith@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepChrisSmith

Rep. Albio Sires
Phone: 202-225-7919
Email: Rep.Sires@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Rep_Albio_Sires

Rep. Bill Pascrell
Phone: 202-225-5751
Email: Rep.Pascrell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @BillPascrell

Rep. Frank Pallone
Phone: 202-225-4671
Email: Rep.Pallone@opencongress.org
Twitter: @FrankPallone

Rep. Frank LoBiondo
Phone: 202-225-6572
Email: Rep.Lobiondo@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLoBiondo

Rep. Leonard Lance
Phone: 202-225-5361
Email: Rep.Lance@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLanceNJ7

Rep. Scott Garrett
Phone: 202-225-4465
Email: Rep.Garrett@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGarrett

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen
Phone: 202-225-5034
Email: Rep.Frelinghuysen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @USRepRodney


Sen. Martin Heinrich
Phone: 202-224-5521
Email: Sen.Heinrich@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MartinHeinrich

Sen. Tom Udall
Phone: 202-224-6621
Email: Sen.Tomudall@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorTomUdall

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham
Phone: 202-225-6316
Email: Rep.Lujangrisham@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLujanGrisham

Rep. Steve Pearce
Phone: 202-225-2365
Twitter: @RepStevePearce

Rep. Ben R. Lujan
Phone: 202-225-6190
Email: Rep.Lujan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBenRayLujan


Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand
Phone: 202-224-4451
Email: Sen.Gillibrand@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenGillibrand

Sen. Charles E. Schumer
Phone: 202-224-6542
Email: Sen.Schumer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenSchumer

Rep. Lee Zeldin
Phone: 202-225-3826 Email: Rep.Zeldin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLeeZeldin

Rep. Pete King
Phone: 202-225-7896
Email: Rep.Peteking@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPeteKing

Rep. Steve Israel
Phone: 202-225-3335
Email: Rep.Israel@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSteveIsrael

Rep. Kathleen Rice
Phone: 202-225-5516
Email: Rep.Kathleenrice@opencongress.or
Twitter: @RepKathleenRice

Rep. Gregory W. Meeks
Phone: 202-225-3461
Email: Rep.Meeks@opencongress.org
Twitter: @GregoryMeeks

Rep. Grace Meng
Phone: 202-225-2601
Email: Rep.Meng@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGraceMeng

Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez
Phone: 202-225-2361
Email: Rep.Velazquez@opencongress.org
Twitter: @NydiaVelazquez

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
Phone: 202-225-5936
Email: Rep.Jeffries@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJeffries

Rep. Yvette D. Clarke
Phone: 202-225-6231
Email: Rep.Clarke@opencongress.org
Twitter: @YvetteClarke

Rep. Jerrold Nadler
Phone: 202-225-5635
Email: Rep.Nadler@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJerryNadler

Rep. Daniel Donovan
Phone: 202-225-3371
Email: Rep.Donovan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDanDonovan

Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Phone: 202-225-7944
Email: Rep.Maloney@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMaloney

Rep. Charles B. Rangel
Phone: 202-225-4365
Email: Rep.Rangel@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CBRangel

Rep. Joseph Crowley
Phone: 202-225-3965
Email: Rep.Crowley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoeCrowley

Rep. José E. Serrano
Phone: 202-225-4361
Email: Rep.Serrano@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoseSerrano

Rep. Eliot Engel
Phone: 202-225-2464
Email: Rep.Engel@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepEliotEngel

Rep. Nita Lowey
Phone: 202-225-6506
Email: Rep.Lowey@opencongress.org
Twitter: @NitaLowey

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney
Phone: 202-225-5441
Email: Rep.Seanmaloney@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSeanMaloney

Rep. Chris Gibson
Phone: 202-225-5614
Email: Rep.Gibson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepChrisGibson

Rep. Paul D. Tonko
Phone: 202-225-5076
Email: Rep.Tonko@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPaulTonko

Rep. Elise Stefanik
Phone: 202-225-4611
Email: Rep.Stefanik@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepStefanik

Rep. Richard Hanna
Phone: 202-225-3665
Email: Rep.Hanna@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRichardHanna

Rep. Tom Reed
Phone: 202-225-3161
Email: Rep.Reed@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTomReed

Rep. John Katko
Phone: 202-225-3701
Email: Rep.Katko@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnKatko

Rep. Louise Slaughter
Phone: 202-225-3615
Email: Rep.Louise@opencongress.org
Twitter: @LouiseSlaughter

Rep. Brian Higgins
Phone: 202-225-3306
Email: Rep.Higgins@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBrianHiggins

Rep. Chris Collins
Phone: 202-225-5265
Email: Rep.Chriscollins@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepChrisCollins


Sen. Richard Burr
Phone: 202-224-3154
Email: Sen.Burr@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorBurr

Sen. Thom Tillis
Phone: 202-224-6342
Email: Sen.Tillis@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ThomTillis

Rep. G.K. Butterfield
Phone: 202-225-3101
Email: Rep.Butterfield@opencongress.org
Twitter: @GKButterfield

Rep. Renee Ellmers
Phone: 202-225-4531
Email: Rep.Ellmers@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepReneeEllmers

Rep. Walter B. Jones
Phone: 202-225-3415
Email: Rep.Jones@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepWalterJones

Rep. David Price
Phone: 202-225-1784
Email: Rep.Price@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDavidEPrice

Rep. Virginia Foxx
Phone: 202-225-2071
Email: Rep.Foxx@opencongress.org
Twitter: @VirginiaFoxx

Rep. Mark Walker
Phone: 202-225-3065
Email: Rep.Walker@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMarkWalker

Rep. David Rouzer
Phone: 202-225-2731
Email: Rep.Rouzer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDavidRouzer

Rep. Richard Hudson
Phone: 202-225-3715
Email: Rep.Hudson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRichHudson

Rep. Robert Pittenger
Phone: 202-225-1976
Email: Rep.Pittenger@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPittenger

Rep. Patrick T. McHenry
Phone: 202-225-2576
Email: Rep.Mchenry@opencongress.org
Twitter: @PatrickMcHenry

Rep. Mark Meadows
Phone: 202-225-6401
Email: Rep.Meadows@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMarkMeadows

Rep. Alma Adams
Phone: 202-225-1510
Email: Rep.Adams@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAdams

Rep. George Holding
Phone: 202-225-3032
Email: Rep.Holding@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHolding


Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Phone: 202-224-2043
Email: Sen.Heitkamp@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorHeitkamp

Sen. John Hoeven
Phone: 202-224-2551
Email: Sen.Hoeven@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenJohnHoeven

Rep. Kevin Cramer
Phone: 202-225-2611
Email: Rep.Cramer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKevinCramer


Sen. Sherrod Brown
Phone: 202-224-2315
Email: Sen.Brown@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenSherrodBrown

Sen. Rob PortmanPhone: 202-224-3353
Email: Sen.Portman@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenRobPortman

Rep. Steve Chabot
Phone: 202-225-2216
Email: Rep.Chabot@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSteveChabot

Rep. Brad Wenstrup
Phone: 202-225-3164
Email: @Rep.Wenstrup@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBradWenstrup

Rep. Joyce Beatty
Phone: 202-225-4324
Email: Rep.Beatty@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBeatty

Rep. Jim Jordan
Phone: 202-225-2676
Email: Rep.Jordan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Jim_Jordan

Rep. Robert E. Latta
Phone: 202-225-6405
Email: Rep.Latta@opencongress.org
Twitter: @BobLatta

Rep. Bill Johnson
Phone: 202-225-5705
Email: Rep.Billjohnson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBillJohnson

Rep. Bob Gibbs
Phone: 202-225-6265
Email: Rep.Gibbs@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBobGibbs

Rep. John A. Boehner
Phone: 202-225-6205
Email: Rep.Johnboehner@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SpeakerBoehner

Rep. Marcy Kaptur
Phone:202-225-4146 Email: Rep.Kaptur@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMarcyKaptur

Rep. Michael Turner
Phone: 202-225-6465
Email: Rep.Turner@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMikeTurner

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge
Phone: 202-225-7032
Email: Rep.Fudge@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMarciaFudge

Rep. Pat Tiberi
Phone: 202-225-5355

Rep. Tim Ryan
Phone: 202-225-5261
Email: Rep.Timryan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTimRyan

Rep. David Joyce
Phone: 202-225-5731
Email: Rep.Joyce@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDaveJoyce

Rep. Steve Stivers
Phone: 202-225-2015
Email: Rep.Stivers@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSteveStivers

Rep. Jim Renacci
Phone: 202-225-3876
Email: Rep.Renacci@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJimRenacci


Sen. James M. Inhofe
Phone: 202-224-4721
Email: Sen.Inhofe@opencongress.org
Twitter: @InhofePress

Sen. James Lankford
Phone: 202-224-5754
Email: Sen.Lankford@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorLankford

Rep. Jim Bridenstine
Phone: 202-225-2211
Email: Rep.Bridenstine@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJBridenstine

Rep. Markwayne Mullin
Phone: 202-225-2701
Email: Rep.Mullin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMullin

Rep. Frank Lucas
Phone: 202-225-5565
Email: Rep.Lucas@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFrankLucas

Rep. Tom Cole
Phone: 202-225-6165
Email: Rep.Cole@opencongress.org
Twitter: @TomColeOK04

Rep. Steve Russell
Phone: 202-225-2132
Email: Rep.Russell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRussell


Sen. Jeff Merkley
Phone: 202-224-3753
Email: Sen.Merkley@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenJeffMerkley

Sen. Ron Wyden
Phone: 202-224-5244
Email: Sen.Wyden@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RonWyden

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici
Phone: 202-225-0855
Email: Rep.Bonamici@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBonamici

Rep. Greg Walden
Phone: 202-225-6730
Email: Rep.Walden@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGregWalden

Rep. Earl Blumenauer
Phone: 202-225-4811
Email: Rep.Blumenauer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @BlumenauerMedia

Rep. Peter DeFazio
Phone: 202-225-6416
Email: Rep.Defazio@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPeterDeFazio

Rep. Kurt Schrader
Phone: 202-225-5711
Email: Rep.Schrader@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepSchrader


Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr.
Phone: 202-224-6324
Email: Sen.Casey@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenBobCasey

Sen. Patrick J. Toomey
Phone: 202-224-4254
Email: Sen.Toomey@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenToomey

Rep. Robert BradyPhone: 202-225-4731
Email: Rep.Brady@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBrady

Rep. Chaka Fattah
Phone: 202-225-4001
Email: Rep.Fattah@opencongress.org
Twitter: @ChakaFattah

Rep. Mike Kelly
Phone: 202-225-5406
Email: Rep.Kelly@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MikeKellyPA

Rep. Scott Perry
Phone: 202-225-5836
Email: Rep.Perry@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepScottPerry

Rep. Glenn W. Thompson
Phone: 202-225-5121
Email: Rep.Thompson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @CongressmanGT

Rep. Ryan Costello
Phone: 202-225-4315
Email: Rep.Costello@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRyanCostello

Rep. Pat Meehan
Phone: 202-225-2011
Email: Rep.Meehan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMeehan

Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick
Phone: 202-225-4276
Email: Rep.Fitzpatrick@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFitzpatrick

Rep. Bill Shuster
Phone: 202-225-2431
Email: Rep.Shuster@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBillShuster

Rep. Tom Marino
Phone: 202-225-3731
Email: Rep.Marino@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTomMarino

Rep. Lou Barletta
Phone: 202-225-6511
Email: Rep.Barletta@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLouBarletta

Rep. Keith Rothfus
Phone: 202-225-2065
Email: Rep.Rothfus@opencongress.org
Twitter: @KeithRothfus

Rep. Brendan Boyle
Phone: 202-225-6111
Email: Rep.Boyle@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBrendanBoyle

Rep. Mike Doyle
Phone: 202-225-2135
Email: Rep.Doyle@opencongress.org
Twitter: @USRepMikeDoyle

Rep. Charles W. Dent
Phone: 202-225-6411
Email: Rep.Dent@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCharlieDent

Rep. Joseph R. Pitts
Phone: 202-225-2411
Email: Rep.Pitts@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoePitts

Rep. Matthew Cartwright
Phone: 202-225-5546
Email: Rep.Cartwright@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCartwright

Rep. Tim Murphy
Phone: 202-225-2301
Email: Rep.Murphy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTimMurphy


Sen. Jack Reed
Phone: 202-224-4642
Email: Sen.Reed@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenJackReed

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Phone: 202-224-2921
Email: Sen.Whitehouse@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenWhitehouse

Rep. David Cicilline
Phone: 202-225-4911
Email: Rep.Cicilline@opencongress.org
Twitter: RepCicilline

Rep. Jim Langevin
Phone: 202-225-2735
Email: Rep.Langevin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JimLangevin


Sen. Lindsey Graham
Phone: 202-224-5972
Email: Sen.Lgraham@opencongress.org
Twitter: @GrahamBlog

Sen. Tim Scott
Phone: 202-224-6121
Email: Sen.Scott@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorTimScott

Rep. Mark Sanford
Phone: 202-225-3176
Email: @RepSanfordSC

Rep. Joe Wilson
Phone: 202-225-2452
Email: Rep.Joewilson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoeWilson

Rep. Jeff Duncan
Phone: 202-225-5301
Email: Rep.Jeffduncan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJeffDuncan

Rep. Trey Gowdy
Phone: 202-225-6030
Email: Rep.Gowdy@opencongress.org Twitter: @TGowdySC

Rep. Mick Mulvaney
Phone: 202-225-5501
Email: Rep.Mulvaney@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

Rep. James E. Clyburn
Phone: 202-225-3315
Email: Rep.Clyburn@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Clyburn

Rep. Tom Rice
Phone: 202-225-9895
Email: Rep.Rice@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepTomRice


Sen. Mike Rounds
Phone: 202-224-5842
Email: Sen.Rounds@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorRounds

Sen. John Thune
Phone: 202-224-2321
Email: Sen.Thune@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenJohnThune

Rep. Kristi Noem
Phone: 202-225-2801
Email: Rep.Noem@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKristiNoem


Sen. Lamar Alexander
Phone: 202-224-4944
Email: Sen.Alexander@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenAlexander

Sen. Bob Corker
Phone: 202-224-3344
Email: Sen.Corker@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenBobCorker

Rep. Phil Roe
Phone: 202-225-6356
Email: Rep.roe@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DrPhilRoe

Rep. John J. Duncan Jr.
Phone: 202-225-5435
Email: Rep.Duncan@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJohnDuncanJrr

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann
Phone: 202-225-3271
Email: Rep.Fleischmann@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepChuck

Rep. Scott DesJarlais
Phone: 202-225-6831
Email: Rep.Desjarlais@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DesJarlaisTN04

Rep. Jim Cooper
Phone: 202-225-4311
Email: Rep.Cooper@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJimCooper

Rep. Marsha Blackburn
Phone: 202-225-2811
Email: Rep.Blackburn@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MarshaBlackburn

Rep. Steve Cohen
Phone: 202-225-3265
Email: Rep.Cohen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCohen

Rep. Diane Black
Phone: 202-225-4231
Email: Rep.Black@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDianeBlack

Stephen Fincher
Phone: 202-225-4714
Email: Rep.Fincher@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFincherTN08


Sen. John Cornyn
Phone: 202-224-2934
Email: Sen.Cornyn@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JohnCornyn

Sen. Ted Cruz
Phone: 202-224-5922
Email: Sen.Cruz@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenTedCruz

Rep. Louis Gohmert
Phone: 202-225-3035
Email: Rep.Gohmert@opencongress.org
Twitter: @replouiegohmerty

Rep. Ted Poe
Phone: 202-225-6565
Email: Rep.Poe@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JudgeTedPoe

Rep. Sam Johnson
Phone: 202-225-4201
Email: Rep.Samjohnson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SamsPressShop

Rep. John Ratcliffe
Phone: 202-225-6673
Email: Rep.Ratcliffe@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRatcliffe

Rep. Jeb Hensarling
Phone: 202-225-3484
Email: Rep.Hensarling@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepHensarling

Rep. Joe Barton
Phone: 202-225-2002
Email: Rep.Joebarton@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepJoeBarton

Rep. John Culberson
Phone: 202-225-2571
Email: Rep.Culberson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @johnculberson

Rep. Kevin Brady
Phone: 202-225-4901
Email: Rep.Kevinbrady@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKevinBrady

Rep. Al Green
Phone: 202-225-7508
Email: Rep.Algreen@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepAlGreen

Rep. Michael T. McCaul
Phone: 202-225-2401
Email: Rep.Mccaul@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMcCaul

Rep. K. Michael Conaway
Phone: 202-225-3605
Email: Rep.Conaway@opencongress.com
Twitter: @ConawayTX11

Rep. Mac Thornberry
Phone: 202-225-3706
Email: Rep.Thornberry@opencongress.com
Twitter: @MacTXPress

Rep. Randy Weber
Phone: 202-225-2831
Email: Rep.Weber@opencongress.org
Twitter: @TXRandy14

Rep. Rubén Hinojosa
Phone: 202-225-2532
Email: Rep.Hinojosa@opencongress.org
Twitter: @USRepRHinojosa

Rep. Beto O’Rourke
Phone: 202-225-4831
Email: Rep.Hinojosa@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBetoORourke

Rep. Bill Flores
Phone: 202-225-6105
Email: Rep.Flores@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBillFlores

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
Phone: 202-225-3816
Email: Rep.Jacksonlee@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JacksonLeeTX18

Rep. Randy Neugebauer
Phone: 202-225-4005
Email: Rep.Randy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RandyNeugebauer

Rep. Joaquin Castro
Phone: 202-225-3236
Email: Rep.Castro@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JoaquinCastrotx

Rep. Lamar Smith
Phone: 202-225-4236
Email: Rep.Lamarsmith@opencongress.org
Twitter: @LamarSmithTX21

Rep. Pete Olson
Phone: 202-225-5951
Email: Rep.Olson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepPeteOlson

Rep. Will Hurd
Phone: 202-225-4511
Email: Rep.Hurd@opencongress.org
Twitter: @HurdOnTheHill

Rep. Kenny Marchant
Phone: 202-225-6605
Email: Rep.Marchant@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKenMarchant

Rep. Roger Williams
Phone: 202-225-9896
Email: Rep.Williams@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRWilliams

Rep. Michael Burgess
Phone: 202-225-7772
Email: Rep.Burgess@opencongress.org
Twitter: @michaelcburgess

Rep. Blake Farenthold
Phone: 202-225-7742
Email: Rep.Farenthold@opencongress.org
Twitter: @farenthold

Rep. Henry Cuellar
Phone: 202-225-1640
Email: Rep.Cuellar@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepCuellar

Rep. Gene Green
Phone: 202-225-1688
Email: Rep.Green@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGeneGreen

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
Phone: 202-225-8885
Email: Rep.Ebjohnson@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepEBJ

Rep. John Carter
Phone: 202-225-3864
Email: Rep.Carter@opencongress.org
Twitter: @JudgeCarter

Rep. Pete Sessions
Phone: 202-225-2231
Email: Rep.Sessions@opencongress.org
Twitter: @PeteSessions

Rep. Marc Veasey
Phone: 202-225-9897
Email: Rep.Veasey@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepVeasey

Rep. Filemon Vela
Phone: 202-225-9901
Email: Rep.Vela@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepFilemonVela

Rep. Lloyd Doggett
Phone: 202-225-4865
Email: Rep.Doggett@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepLloydDoggett

Rep. Brian Babin
Phone: 202-225-1555
Email: Rep.Babin@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepBrianBabin

Rep. Kay Granger
Phone: 202-225-5071 Email: Rep.Granger@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepKayGranger”


Sen. Orrin Hatch
Phone: 202-224-5251
Email: Sen.Hatch@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenOrrinHatch

Sen. Mike Lee
Phone: 202-224-5444
Email: Sen.Lee@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenMikeLee

Rep. Rob Bishop
Phone: 202-225-0453
Email: Rep.Robbishop@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRobBishop

Rep. Chris Stewart
Phone: 202-225-9730
Email: Rep.Stewart@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepChrisStewart

Rep. Jason Chaffetz
Phone: 202-225-7751
Email: Rep.Chaffetz@opencongress.org
Twitter: @jasoninthehouse

Rep. Mia Love
Phone: 202-225-3011
Email: Rep.Love@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMiaLove


Sen. Patrick Leahy
Phone: 202-224-4242
Email: Sen.Leahy@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorLeahy

Sen. Bernard Sanders
Phone: 202-224-5141
Email: Sen.Sanders@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenSanders

Rep. Peter Welch
Phone: 202-225-4115
Email: Rep.Welch@opencongress.org
Twitter: @PeterWelch


Sen. Tim Kaine
Phone: 202-224-4024
Email: Sen.Kaine@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenKaineOffice

Sen. Mark R. Warner
Phone: 202-224-2023
Email: Sen.Warner@opencongress.org
Twitter: @MarkWarner

Rep. Robert J. Wittman
Phone: 202-225-4261
Email: Rep.Wittman@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RobWittman

Rep. Scott Rigell
Phone: 202-225-4215
Email: Rep.Rigell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepScottRigell

Rep. Robert C. Scott
Phone: 202-225-8351
Email: Rep.Bobbyscott@opencongress.org
Twitter: @repbobbyscott

Rep. J. Randy Forbes
Phone: 202-225-6365
Email: Rep.Forbes@opencongress.org
Twitter: @Randy_Forbes

Rep. Robert Hurt
Phone: 202-225-4711
Email: Rep.Hurt@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepRobertHurt

Rep. Bob Goodlatte
Phone: 202-225-5431
Email: Rep.Goodlatte@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepGoodlatte

Rep. Dave Brat
Phone: 202-225-4376
Email: Rep.Brat@opencongress.org
Twitter: @DaveBratVA7th

Rep. Don Beyer
Phone: 202-225-2815
Email: Rep.Beyer@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepDonBeyer

Rep. Morgan Griffith
Phone: 202-225-3861
Email: Rep.Morgangriffith@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepMGriffith

Rep. Barbara Comstock
Phone: 202-225-5136
Email: Rep.Comstock@opencongress.org
Twitter: @RepComstock

Rep. Gerald “Gerry” Connolly
Phone: 202-225-1492
Email: Rep.Connolly@opencongress.org
Twitter: @GerryConnolly


Sen. Maria Cantwell
Phone: 202-224-3441
Email: Sen.Cantwell@opencongress.org
Twitter: @SenatorCantwel

Sen. Patty Murray
Phone: 202-224-2621
Email: Sen.Murray@opencongress.org
Twitter: @PattyMurray

Rep. Suzan DelBene
Phone: 202-225-6311
Email: Rep.Delbene@openhousecongress.org
Twitter: @RepDelBene

Rep. Rick Larsen
Phone: 202-225-2605
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Rep. Jaime Herrera
Phone: 202-225-3536
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Rep. Dan Newhouse
Phone: 202-225-5816
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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers
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Rep. Derek Kilmer
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Rep. Jim McDermott
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Rep. David G. Reichert
Phone: 202-225-7761
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Rep. Adam Smith
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Rep. Denny Heck
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Sen. Shelley Moore Capito
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Sen. Joe Manchin III
Phone: 202-224-3954
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Rep. David McKinley
Phone: 202-225-4172
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Rep. Alex Mooney
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Rep. Evan Jenkins
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Sen. Tammy Baldwin
Phone: 202-224-5653
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Sen. Ron Johnson
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Rep. Paul Ryan
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Rep. Mark Pocan
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Rep. Ron Kind
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Rep. Gwen Moore
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Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner
Phone: 202-225-5101
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Rep. Glenn Grothman
Phone: 202-225-2476
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Rep. Sean P. Duffy
Phone: 202-225-3365
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Rep. Reid Ribble
Phone: 202-225-5665
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Sen. John Barrasso
Phone: 202-224-6441
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Sen. Michael B. Enzi
Phone: 202-224-3424
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Rep. Cynthia M. Lummis
Phone: 202-225-2311
Email: Rep.Lummis@opencongress.org
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