John Kasich:  “My feeling about it is I’m pretty much for open (trade), but I think the American workers have been shafted. …I’m for open (trade), but I want to make sure that the workers in this country are protected. …I’ve never been a total free trader, because I think that the rules ought to apply to other countries like they apply to us.”

Hillary Clinton:  “You know, take the trade deal. I did say, when I was secretary of state, three years ago, that I hoped it would be the gold standard. It was just finally negotiated last week, and in looking at it, it didn’t meet my standards. My standards for more new, good jobs for Americans, for raising wages for Americans. And I want to make sure that I can look into the eyes of any middle-class American and say, ‘this will help raise your wages.’ And I concluded I could not.”

Ben Carson: “Americans should have a say in trade deals through their representatives.”

Donald Trump:  “Why are we striking trade agreements with countries we already have agreements with? Why is there no effort to make sure we have fair trade instead of ‘free’ trade that isn’t free to Americans? Why do we not have accompanying legislation that will punish countries that manipulate their currencies to seek unfair advantage in trade arrangements? Why has the Congress not addressed prohibitive corporate tax rates and trade agreements that continue to drain dollars and jobs from America’s shores?”

Jim Webb: “Too much at stake for Congress to vote on Fast Track without seeing full details of the trade agreement beforehand. Show us the language!”

Mike Huckabee: “When people say, ‘Oh, this is gonna be great,’ well, it may be great for some investors in multinational corporations, but I wanna know when is it gonna be great for American workers? Because they’re taking it in the gut right now,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense for jobs to be driven to some other country and let Americans figure out how to feed their families.”

Bobby Jindal: “We don’t know what’s in the deal. Too much of this deal has been negotiated in private — in secret. I think Congress needs to maintain more oversight over this president. There’s been a lot of speculation about what could or could not be in there. For example, I want to make sure this is not a back-door way for him to try and impose the kinds of environmental regulations he’s trying to do through the Environmental Protection Agency around Congress.”

Marco Rubio: “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), discussed between President Obama and Prime Minister Abe this week, will further our strategic goals in Asia and increase prosperity at home. It will advance economic liberty and unleash free-market forces in the world’s most dynamic region. It will create the opportunity for emerging economies to become the next ‘tigers’ of Asia and enhance linkages between nations in the Western Hemisphere and East Asia. …Concluding TPP will require the passage of Trade Promotion Authority by the Congress. Our foreign trading partners like Japan need to have confidence that American presidents can deliver on free trade. Once we pass Trade Promotion Authority we can finish negotiating a pact that will help build a network of Pacific economies based on competition, the rule of law and free markets.”

Hillary Clinton: “Any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages and increase prosperity and protect our security,” she said. “We have to do our part in making sure we have the capabilities and the skills to be competitive.”

“Currently the United States is negotiating comprehensive agreements with eleven countries in Asia and in North and South America, and with the European Union. We should be focused on ending currency manipulation, environmental destruction, and miserable working conditions in developing countries, as well as harmonizing regulations with the EU. And we should avoid some of the provisions sought by business interests, including our own, like giving them or their investors the power to sue foreign governments to weaken their environmental and public health rules, as Philip Morris is already trying to do in Australia. The United States should be advocating a level and fair playing field, not special favors.”

Jeb Bush:It would strengthen our ties to our allies throughout the Pacific region, including our close allies and partners in Australia, Mexico and Japan. We could use more friends, frankly. More than that, free trade is essential to creating the sustained, high rate of growth that we need to create well-paying jobs, new opportunities for American farmers and businesses, and even greater access to a global supply of goods and services.”

Bernie Sanders: “The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multinational corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy,” Sanders said. “It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world.”

Rand Paul: “Instead of just talking about a so-called ‘pivot to Asia,’ the Obama administration should prioritize negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership by year’s end,” “I still might vote for the trade agreement, but I hate giving up power. We give up so much power from Congress to the presidency, and with them being so secretive on the treaty, it just concerns me what’s in the treaty,”

Martin O’Malley:
“What’s wrong with it is first and foremost that we’re not allowed to read it before representatives vote on it,” he said late last month. “What’s wrong with it is that right now what we should be doing are things that make our economy stronger here at home. And that’s my concern, that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this deal, is a race to the bottom, a chasing of lower wages abroad. And I believe that that does nothing to help us build a stronger economy here at home.”

Carly Fiorina: “The truth is, we don’t know what’s in this deal. I think it’s important to understand some of the fine print of what’s in this deal,” “For example, is China allowed to join this Pacific trading agreement in a couple of years, yes or no?”

Ted Cruz: “I am a strong supporter of free trade. I think free trade benefits America. I think free trade produces jobs and economic growth here at home. I think America prospers when we trade, when we open up new markets for our exports. I think it benefits manufactures, it benefits farmers, it benefits ranchers to open up new markets, and so one of the few areas where I think there’s some potential for bi-partisan agreement in Washington, is working together to expand free trade and to open up new markets for manufactures, farmers, and ranchers. I support fast track.”

Rick Santorum: “I reserve the right to desist, to make sure we are negotiating deals that remain in the best interest of our American workers and our country”

Rick Perry: “With the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we’re facing one of the defining opportunities of this generation. It’s clear to see the enormous benefits when some of the most productive economies on earth have access to each other’s markets.”  “The TPP sets high standards, and it’s going to take some effort and compromise to reach them, but all of that effort will be worth it.”