1 – Raising the min wage will hurt workers as employers will cut jobs,
attempting to do more with less help.

2 – It’s up to the private sector to raise or lower wages, not the government.

3 – A minimum wage tends to lower expectations workers have for themselves when they should be focused on a maximum wage.

4 – A higher min wage will create inflation driving up the cost of goods and services, negating any raise in the min wage.

5 – A higher min wage will hurt young people as they wont be able to obtain as many entry level jobs.

6 – If the United States sets the min wage at $15 hr it will be unpresidented.

7 – It will cost investors millions, if not billions of dollars.

8 – Raising the minimum wage will contribute to poverty by employers cutting entry level jobs.

9 – There will be less workers paying into the economy, resulting in a downturn.


Counter Point:

1 – While possible in some cases, more likely then not demand for services or products will have the greater impact on job retention. As volume and service equal profits.

2 – This is the rule in many areas of private enterprise, however, it is the government’s role to protect it’s citizens and part of that protection extends to seeing to it that workers obtain a fair wage to live on with protections against exploitation.

3 – A starting wage should be closer to a living wage for full-time employment as this is where many workers work for a number of years or longer and therefore a good min wage ensures they can live better until they can more up to a higher wage.

4 – While it’s possible inflation may rise somewhat, market competition between business will serve to offset inflation with employees sharing in a greater measure of economic equality/prosperity.

5 – Entry level jobs will still be there as jobs for higher skilled workers will still need to be filled by higher skilled workers.

6 – As the country with the worlds highest GDP it should be!

7 – Wall Street is doing fine, it has recovered outstandingly, while the poor and middle class have been left behind. The starting point for better income equality is to raise the min wage to a sustainable level for individuals and families.

8 – While this maybe true in some cases, overall job creation will still be strong as it is more dependent on supply and demand, not a min wage increase, therefore workers will have the option of working somewhere else. Plus there are many advantages to paying workers a higher rate.
Employee satisfaction, retention, and overall standard of living for better work. Inflation can be checked.

9 – Downturns are usually caused by unrealistic expectation and correct. While a rise in wages increases worker purchasing power for the demand/good of the economy.