1 – Only United States ground forces deployed in sufficient number can dislodge ISIS from strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

2 – In order to defeat ISIS it’s necessary for U.S. troops to be sent in as soon as possible in order to clear areas under ISIS control, denying them a base of operation.

3 – Areas under ISIS control serve as a rallying point for foreign fighters to converge, train, and be sent out to fight in Syria, Iraq, and abroad.

4 – Areas under ISIS control are taxed & plundered for resources for use in terrorist attacks abroad. The best way to eliminate this threat is to send in U.S. ground forces to clear and hold territory long enough to break ISIS control on the region.

5 – Territory in Syria & Iraq under ISIS control provides time and room for organization and should be taken by U.S. ground forces at the earliest possible time.

6 – ISIS controlled territory in Syria & Iraq serves ISIS propaganda by it’s continued existence. It will be necessary for U.S. ground forces to clear ISIS controlled areas, breaking their organization and command, along with their means of financing.

7 – Well trained, well equipped U.S. ground forces should take the lead in taking back ISIS controlled territory.

8 – A U.S. led ground assault against ISIS is necessary to demonstrate to the world that the U.S. is serious about defeating ISIS.

Counter Point:

1 – Well trained local/regional forces, including the Free Syrian Army, accompanied by U.S. special forces are a better means to defeat ISIS, as they will have more local support.

2 – While air power alone can’t defeat ISIS, it weakens, disrupts, demoralizes, and removes leaders and fighters so that local forces can begin to get the upper hand.

3 – Areas controlled by large numbers of U.S. forces would serve as an even greater rallying point for local, regional, and foreign fighters to converge on in order to fight an occupation.

4 – Trained and equipped local forces accompanied by U.S. special forces with air support can systematically deny ISIS resources, take out leaders,
disrupt command & control with increased local support to gain and hold territory permanently in the creation of a stable, free area. 

5 – It’s important local forces play a prominent role in taking back, holding, and governing areas presently controlled by ISIS, as a systematic defeat by local forces will make it harder for ISIS to reconstitute themselves by way of those same local/regional forces had a more direct invasion been conducted by large numbers or relatively large numbers of U.S. ground forces.

6 – The present strategy is better as it will slowly wither away at ISIS and their support, both material and otherwise.

7 – Well trained, well equipped local forces supported by special forces should take the lead in taking back ISIS controlled territory.

8 – A well sustained strategy, including helping Syrian refuges, not discriminating against Muslims, and helping local Syrian forces in areas formally controlled by ISIS, will go along way towards countering the ideology promoted by ISIS. It’s important to identify these groups for what they are, not what they claim to be, as associating them with what they claim to be helps them. ISIS represents evil!